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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.
Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.


Policies On Buying Used Gear At Windance

At Windance, we love bringing you quality gear at affordable prices. Used gear is a great way to get into a new sport or try something different without breaking the bank. Used gear is also great for people who like to tinker and do their own maintenance and repairs, since used gear is typically less reliable and requires more maintenance than new gear.  


All used gear sales are final with no returns, refunds, or exchanges.


All used gear items are sold as-is with no warranty. We take great care in making sure that the used gear items we offer are inspected for quality control. Each item is looked at by our knowledgeable staff and given a letter grade for quality, and we don’t accept items that are too old or are clearly no longer safe to ride. However, we do not guarantee the serviceability of used gear.


Buying used gear on consignment always carries some amount of risk. We do our absolute best to make sure you have a good idea of what you’re buying. Please see the chart below to get a good idea of what you’re getting before you buy. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! We’re always available for any questions and concerns you might have and are happy to give the gear a quick look or even snap an extra picture of it for you.


Used gear prices automatically drop 10% every month until the item is sold. Prices are firm as advertised.


Used Gear Condition Rating System


  • Brand new, never been used.


  • Great shape, been used once or twice, but practically new with perhaps a few scratches/wrinkles


  • Great shape, never been repaired. Nearly new, some scratches and dirt


  • Good shape. Used a reasonable amount but well taken care of. Still shiny.
  • No repairs


  • Used but in good condition
  • If repaired done professionally and would not effect performance


  • Good condition but seen reasonable use. May be dirty
  • May have some repairs


  • Still works fine.
  • Well used, likely has repairs or is dirty.


Policies On Selling Used Gear At Windance

Looking to unload your used gear? Our used gear consignment program makes the process of clearing out your old gear and making room for the new a breeze!


Simply bring in your used items for inspection and, once approved, we take care of the rest!


When we check out your gear, we’ll accept or reject it, recommend a price, provide you with documentation, and take the item off your hands. You can then kick back and wait for your account to be credited when it sells.


Out of town but still want to sell your gear through Windance? Feel free to call or email us for an assessment of whether your items may work in our program and to make arrangements if so. You are responsible for any shipping costs to get your gear to the store.


Why sell your used gear through our consignment program rather than do it yourself?

  • Hassle free - Drop it off and wait to get paid
    • We handle all customer interaction
    • We manage all customer service issues
    • No haggling
    • We take care of shipping and can ship internationally
    • We handle all aspects of marketing your items in-store and online and may feature it in publications or events as well
    • Payment processing - we enable customers to accept payment via virtually any payment method
  • Convenience
    • Support - our staff is always here to answer any questions or help and can advise on pricing, what's popular, or any other gear selling questions you may have
  • Faster sales
    • Access to tens of thousands wind sports enthusiasts locally, nationally, and internationally patrolling our store, news feeds, social, and website looking to buy items like yours year-round
    • Trust - Windance's used gear program is known as the best in the industry and customers trust used gear more when it comes through our store. This is a huge differentiator for online purchases of used gear.
    • Access to our professional wind sports sales team who help customers find the best new and used gear to fit their need 7 days a week and will sell your gear for you
  • Risk
    • You are protected from buyer fraud - if an item is purchased fraudulently from the consignment program, we eat the cost - not you.
    • You are protected from shipping issues - if a package gets lost or damaged in the mail on its way to a customer, it's on us - not you.


Rules for selling used gear at Windance

  • Items must be left in the consignment program for at least 30 days. If your item has not sold after 30 days, you have the option to take it back at any time.
  • Items unsold after 1 year become the property of Windance
  • All equipment must be in good working condition and owned by consignor.
  • Windance reserves the right to refuse any item.
  • You will be automatically emailed immediately after your item has sold.
  • Windance only sells used gear we believe is in good usable condition. If an item does not pass inspection during intake or at the time of sale, you’ll need to pay for the item to be professionally repaired, returned to you, or disposed of.
  • If your gear is left at Windance for 6 months
  • Used gear prices automatically drop 10% every month until the item is sold.


All consignment sales are automatically credited to your store credit account based on the selling price of the item as follows:


When your item sells for:

You Get Store Credit











Store credit can be used to purchase anything at Windance.


There is a 10% check fee for cashing out your store credit balance. Stop by, call, or email us at to request a check. Consignment checks are mailed weekly and can be held at the store for local pickup.