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    Motowinch is a noise and fume-free winch that considers the environment, wildlife and fellow individuals that share the beach, back country and str...

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Motowinch Electric Winch

Motowinch is the Ultimate Rider-Controlled Winch for Solo Water Sports, Wakeboarding, and Snowboarding

Welcome to Windance, where we're excited to introduce the revolutionary Motowinch, developed by Joey Jones. This rider controlled winch transforms the world of tow sports by putting complete control in your hands. So say goodbye to two-person operations and the need for an operator to guess your movements. Instead, Motowinch combines the thrilling aspects of motorsports and board-riding sports, making solo riding more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. 

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Motowinch Revolutionizes Water Sports

Discover endless possibilities for water sports with a versatile self-controlled winch. Whether you're into wakeboarding, wakeskating, or any other water-based board sport, the Motowinch will revolutionize your riding experience. Enjoy the freedom of solo riding while having complete control over your speed, direction, and pace – making it the perfect companion for water enthusiasts.

Wakeboard Winch Launch

The Motowinch's water winch launch system offers a unique and thrilling way to take on the waves. The powerful electric wakeboard winching provides enough torque to propel you across the water, allowing you to ride waves, carve turns, and even perform tricks without needing a boat or jet ski. No longer do you need a boat or a second person to enjoy your favorite water sports. Instead, set up the Motowinch for a dock start or a water winch launch on the shoreline. Then, hop on your board, use the wireless thumb throttle to control your speed and direction and shred waves with winching wakeboarding.


Motowinch is not limited to just wakeboarding and snowboarding; it is also perfect for wakeskating enthusiasts. Its smooth, rider-controlled acceleration allows you to execute impressive tricks and maneuvers confidently, transforming your solo riding winch sessions into an exhilarating experience.


No wind? No problem. As a versatile dock launch winch, Motowinch can also launch you on a kiteboard. The powerful electric winch offers enough propulsion to get you ripping on your kiteboarding adventure without relying on additional assistance. This opens up more opportunities for solo riders to enjoy these exciting water sports and get some turns in even when the wind doesn’t cooperate.

Motowinch For Sustainable Water Sports

The Motowinch's eco-friendly design makes it the perfect choice for environmentally conscious riders. By using clean energy and producing minimal noise, this smart handle winch helps preserve the natural beauty of your favorite water sports locations while minimizing your impact on the environment and marine life. Its noise and fume-free design ensures minimal effects on the environment, wildlife, and fellow riders, allowing for guilt-free exploration and endless adventure.

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Motowinch is designed for those who seek a sustainable and respectful way to explore the world while enjoying their favorite board-riding sports.

Long Lasting Battery

The lightweight and compact design of the Motowinch's self-controlled winch makes it easy to transport to any water sports location. With its long-lasting battery, you can enjoy multiple sessions on a single charge, making it perfect for a day at the beach or a weekend at the lake. The quiet, powerful electric winch is designed to be portable and efficient, with batteries that can run for two to three days on a single charge.

Snowboard Winch For Backcountry Adventures

The Motowinch is a powerful tool that can be used for more than watersports and towing. In fact, the Motowinch can be used as an electric snowboard winch! The Motowinch is particularly useful for backcountry snowboarding, as it allows you to explore new areas that may not be accessible by other means. For example, when you use the Motowinch as an electric slope winch, you can easily tow yourself up a hill or across a flat area, giving you more time to ride with less time climbing. 

Sledding Winch For The Family

While Motowinch can be used for extreme sports, tuned down to its lowest setting the winch makes a perfect rope tow for sledding hills of any size. With 300 meters of line, even the largest sledding hills are no problem. On its lowest setting the winch pulls slowly and consistently, giving you a smooth ride back up the hill at your own pace. While using Motowinch as a ski rope tow to pull you back up the hill will give you more downhill sledding runs, the best part is that Motowinch turns the uphill ride into an experience more akin to kneeboarding behind a boat than sledding. It’s so fun you’ll find yourself sledding down the hill just so you can winch back up!

Motowinch Rider Controlled Winch

The Motowinch is perfect for experienced riders, beginners, and families. Its rider-controlled winch allows for speed adjustments, making it suitable for all skill levels. Start slow and gradually increase your speed as you gain confidence and master your chosen water sport. Motowinch's wireless control system gives riders complete control of their experience. The innovative wireless thumb throttle lets you easily take the slack out of the line and start riding within milliseconds. The winch also comes with three preset speed settings, so you can choose how much oomph your throttle inputs will give you. As a rule of thumb, the low speed setting is great for land sports like skateboarding or sledding where you need minimal speed and power, while the higher settings are great for water sports where you need more horsepower to get you up and out of the water quickly. 

Motowinch Solo Riding Winch Safety and Maintenance 

Built-in Safety Features

Safety is paramount in solo riding, and Motowinch has you covered. The smart handle winch has features that ensure your ride is enjoyable and secure. The wireless thumb throttle provides precise control over your speed, allowing you to stop or slow down when necessary. This helps prevent accidents and gives you the confidence to ride without fear. When spooling out the rope, such as when you’re going downhill away from the winch, we recommend powering the handlebar remote control off to save battery and avoid accidentally engaging the throttle before you’re ready for a pull. 

Easy Maintenance

The Motowinch is designed to be durable, but like any high-performance gear, it requires some maintenance to keep it in top condition. Fortunately, the Motowinch is easy to maintain, with a robust frame and high-quality components that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Unlike a traditional gas-powered winch, there are no moving parts to replace, no fuel or lubricants to mix or top off. Regular inspections and cleaning of the winch and line and regular inspection and charging of the battery and remote control bar will ensure your Motowinch remains reliable and ready for your next adventure. And that’s about it. 

Portable Winches You Can Anchor Anywhere

Motowinch packs up into 3 pieces - the winch, the e-Box (contains the battery and electronics), and the handlebar remote control, which altogether weigh a little over 50 lbs and can fit in a backpacking backpack. If you can give a kid a piggyback ride, you can carry a Motowinch. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a boat and you can take it to more places. This solo riding winch also comes with multiple attachment options so you can anchor it by strapping it to a tree, rock, or vehicle. Or if you want to avoid attachments altogether, it comes with a nice little pad on the top so your buddy can just sit on it to hold it steady while you get your winching wakeboarding fix!

A Rider Controlled Winch Is The Best Training Tool

Whether you’re learning how to foil, ski, wakeboard, or kiteboard, a self controlled winch gives you maximum control to accelerate your training progression. When you’re learning a new board sport, progression is largely a function of how much time you spend on the board developing your balance and control. Falling down and getting up again eats up a ton of time, taking away from your progression. With a water winch launch you can ramp up your speed gradually at your own tempo without falling over as much, which will help you build your balance and skills faster. For wakeboarding learners, the power and noise of the boat, everyone watching you, and your lack of control over the throttle can be terrifying. Winching wakeboarding removes the pressure and uncertainty so you can focus on doing your thing, your way. 

More Adventures With a Self Controlled Winch

The Motowinch is light, clean, quiet and perfect for solo adventures. Its compact design allows for easy transportation in the front seat of your car, opening up a world of possibilities for where you can ride. With applications ranging from ponds, lakes, and ditches to sledding hills, snowboarding and other high-speed human towing activities, the Motowinch is perfect for riders of all skill levels and interests.

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Motowinch brings control and excitement to board riding sports, offering a rider-controlled winch for solo adventures. Its portable, clean, and quiet design allows for a wide range of applications and minimal environmental impact. So don't miss the opportunity to experience the ultimate in solo riding freedom. Buy a Motowinch today and embark on a new world of possibilities! 

You can easily buy or order a Motowinch through our Windance website. Visit our product page and proceed to checkout. Experience the freedom of solo riding with the revolutionary Motowinch.

Shop Windance and Order Motowinch Online