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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.
Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Brands We Carry

At Windance, we take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality wind sports equipment from some of the best kiteboard, wingfoil, and windsurf brands in the industry.

Let's take a closer look at some of the exceptional brands you'll find at Windance:


Airbank manufactures industry-leading economical electric air pumps for inflatables of all kinds.

Airtime Kite Repair and Wing Repair

Airtime is hands down the best and most trusted name in kite and wing repair. We're proud to use Airtime as our trusted partner for major kite and wing repairs and carry a selection of Airtime DIY repair products. 

Bainbridge International

Bainbridge International repair tape is excellent for patching the occasional ripped kite or wing canopy. 

CGW2 (Columbia Gorge Wind and Water Association)

Windance is a proud sponsor of the Columbia Gorge Wind and Water Association, which is a volunteer organization that works to support a safe and thriving wind sports community in the Columbia Gorge. CGW2 Swell City launch passes are available for sale here at Windance. 

Chinook Sailing

Chinook Sailing is one of the most trusted names in windsurfing. Windance carries a great selection of Chinook parts and products for windsurfing and other wind sports applications. 

Cloud IX (Cloud 9  Surf Foils)

Cloud 9 is an innovator in the foil industry and Windance carries a selection of their accessory products. 

CORE Kiteboarding

CORE is a premium kite, wing, and foil brand known for best-in-class German engineering and quality. Windance is proud to carry a selection of CORE kiteboarding and CORE wingfoiling gear. 

Creatures of Leisure

Creatures of Leisure is a popular surf accessory brand that makes a wide variety of comfortable and stylish leashes, pads, and other surf accessories great for surfing, kiting, and winging. Windance is proud to carry a selection of Creatures of Leisure surf accessories. 


Croakies keep your sunglasses on your face no matter where you are or what you're doing. What would we do without them?


One of the most well-known names in kiteboarding and surf apparel, Dakine makes a wide variety of apparel and accessories tailored specifically to watersports enthusiasts and beachgoers. 

Epic Gear

Epic Gear is known in the wind sports community for their lineup of quality and economical products, including board bags and other equipment. 

Evolve Electric Skateboards


Ezzy Sails is one of the most legendary names in windsurfing. They make the ultimate windsurfing sails to take your sailing to the next level. Known for their unparalleled power, durability, and craftsmanship, Ezzy sails will rock your world. 


One of the most well-known names in surfing, FCS makes high quality fins and surf accessories. 


Firefin universal kiteboard fins are a great addition to any twintip!


Foilmount makes a variety of ingenious foil hardware and parts helpful for streamlining your foil rigging, repair, or board building efforts. 


F-One is one of the top names in wingfoiling and kiteboarding with one of the strongest and most industry-leading lineups of kites, boards, foils, and wings. Their reputation for excellence and high performance gear is unparalleled and their range of options is staggering. 

Freedom Foil Boards

Freedom Foil Boards is laser-focused on building excellent top-tier boards for wing foiling, sup foiling, and surf foiling. 

Futures Fins

Gear Aid

Gear Aid products help you keep your gear in tip top working condition for longer.

LiP Sunglasses

LiP Sunglasses are designed specifically for watersports like kiteboarding and are the best premium watersports sunglasses, bar none. 


Manera makes top quality foiling accessories and neoprene, with innovative and practical product concepts that will have you cruising in style and prepared for anything. Manera accessories pair well with F-One gear. 

Maui Fin Company (MFC)

Maui Fin Company makes a wide range of top quality fins, particularly for surfing and windsurfing. 


What to do when there's no wind? Winch. Winch up a mountain. Winch across a lake. Winch on concrete. Winch off of a boat and boost into the air. The possibilities are endless. 

Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival is one of the most respected names in marine safety. Their lineup of flotation, drysuits, and apparel are relied on by the pros across many industries and within the sailing and wind sports community. Mustang Survival products are available at Windance. 

Mystic Boarding

Mystic Boarding makes perhaps the most wide-ranging and trend-setting selection of wind sports apparel and accessories in the industry. Their quality and variety make Mystic a brand you'll want to check out. Mystic accessories pair well with North gear. 


NoLimitz makes carbon masts, period. They don't do boards. They don't do accessories. They (and their parent company) have been making top of the line carbon masts for windsurfing, foiling, and aerospace applications for decades. Manufactured right here in the U.S.A. just across the river from Windance, you can't beat their quality engineering. 

North (North Kiteboarding, North Windsurfing, North Sails)

North Sails is one of the oldest and most trusted names in wind sports. Renowned for their innovative and unparalleled sailing technology, they apply the same level of engineering and ingenuity to their rich lineup of wing, kite, and windsurf gear. 

NSI (North Shore Inc.)

North Shore Inc. manufactures accessories for a variety of water sports. Based here in Hood River, OR, just a stones throw from Windance, they're at the epicenter of innovation in the industry and their lineup of genius accessories shows it. Best of all, they make their products right here in the U.S.A. and the quality and customer service is outstanding. 

Ocean Rodeo

Ocean Rodeo is widely known as the R&D lab of kiting and winging. Renowned for their innovative hi-tech kite designs, they also pioneered the development of Aluula and helped kickstart a material technology revolution within the wind sports industry. Ocean Rodeo continues to innovate and develop new materials and design concepts that shape the industry. 


The most widely known and respected neoprene brand on the market, O'Neill wetsuits and clothing are tailored to a variety of water sports and beachgoing applications and are an essential part of every beach trip. 

Reef Sandals

Reef Sandals are designed with comfort, style, and sun and sand in mind. Whether you're on the beach or just want to feel like you are, Reef has you covered. 

Ride Engine

Ride Engine wind sports accessories and designed with practicality and performance in mind. Ride Engine is constantly bringing new designs to market to better serve the wind sports community. Ride Engine accessories pair well with Slingshot gear. 


Simba helmets are the pinnacle of style and safety in foiling. Their lightweight design boasts a unique elegance and superior protection from size impacts and slashes, particularly important for foiling. 

Slingshot Sports

Slingshot Sports has been one of the most edgy, fun, and innovative brands in kiteboarding, wake, and windsurfing and they've taken that energy into wingfoiling full throttle. They design with the use case in mind and don't just turn out products that are faster or flashier, but focus instead on products that solve problems and enable you to take it to the next level. 


Known for their surf boards and body boards, Softech is a staple in the Surf industry.

Sun Bum

Trust the bum - A Sun Bum a day keeps the cancer away. In addition from keeping you from getting scorched, Sun Bum smells amazing and comes in a variety of tones and application methods, making it an essential part of your beach excursion. 

Suncloud Sunglasses

Suncloud polarized sunglasses keep your eyes safe around sun and water. Manufactured by the same company that makes Smith sunglasses, Suncloud Sunglasses are as practical as they are stylish and won't break the bank. They come in a variety of styles and are great for use in and around the water. 


The most trusted name in car rack accessories, hands down. Swedish engineered and made in the U.S., Europe, and Brazil, Thule is known for absolutely top quality engineering. 

True Ames Inc.

True Ames fins have been a staple in the windsurfing world. True Ames fins take your board's performance to the next level. 

Victoria Skimboards

Based in British Columbia, Victoria Skimboards make a variety of skimboards for use at the beach. Whether you're on the Ocean, a lake, or river, if there's surge on the beach, skim boards are blast! And these boards are beautiful!


WMFG manufactures top notch traction, pumps, and parts for kiteboarding and surfing.