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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.


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    Thule Force XT Cargo Box

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    Features Maximum space efficiency across a wide range of vehicle fits Easy to mount thanks to the PowerClick quick-mount system. The integrated t...

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    from Original Price $699.95
    from $558.95
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Roof Rack Boxes

Attention all you rad dudes and dudettes out there! Windance is the ultimate source for all your outdoor gear transportation needs.

Whether you need some extra storage space for your next road trip or just want a way to haul all your gear to your favorite outdoor spot, our cargo roof boxes have got you covered. These portable giants store everything from camping gear to sports equipment.

Windance Has it All When It Comes to Multi Use Roof Racks

We've also got cargo roof racks, rooftop carriers, and canopy racks to choose from. And if you're really looking to transport just about anything, check out our roof rack trays - they're perfect for carrying those bulky items that just won't fit in a traditional roof box. If you need a list blasted in your face with all the choices imaginable, we got you covered!  

Cargo roof boxes: These boxes attach to your roof rack and provide extra storage space for all your gear. They're perfect for road trips, ski trips, camping trips, or any time you need to haul a lot of stuff. 

Cargo roof racks: Similar to cargo roof boxes, these racks provide extra storage space on your roof. However, they don't have an enclosed box like roof boxes do - instead, they have an open rack where you can tie down your gear using straps or netting. 

Rooftop carriers: These carriers attach to your roof rack and provide extra storage space, but they're typically smaller and more streamlined than cargo roof boxes. They're perfect for carrying smaller items or when you don't need as much storage space. 

Roof rack trays: These trays attach to your roof rack and provide a flat surface for carrying large or awkward items that wouldn't fit in a traditional roof box. They're great for things like canoes, kayaks, or large pieces of sports equipment. 

Canopy racks: These racks attach to the roof of a canopy or truck bed cover and provide a place to store gear. They're perfect for when you need to keep your gear out of the elements but don't have a traditional roof rack.

Gear Racks Are Worth The Investment

​​Listen up, dudes and dudettes - when it comes to roof racks, you definitely don't want to skimp on quality. Trust us, it's not worth the hassle when your gear flies off your car (talk about a bummer).

Windsurf roof racks are made specifically to hold your windsurfing gear - board, sail, and mast included. No more worrying about your gear getting banged up during transport.

For the surfers out there, we also have surf roof racks that can hold all your gear safely and securely. And for the jack-of-all-water-sports, we offer multi-use roof racks that can hold various gear, including kayaks, paddle boards, and even beach chairs and coolers for a day at the beach.

Rack Up With Windance

But the best part? You don't even have to leave your house to get one! Simply add your desired roof rack to your online cart and check out. Upgrade your gear transportation with a roof rack from Windance. And hey, maybe your gear won't fly out of the car on the highway anymore, either.