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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Core Spectrum Complete Foil

SKU WIFH00509570

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The Core Spectrum Complete Foil gives you perfect lift, balance, and control, so you can explore your skills every time you ride. Whether you want to ride in chop, waves, or flat water, the board's predictable behavior, even in the most challenging conditions or turbulent areas, means you can go further, faster, and longer.

Each front wing has a medium aspect ratio, which is the best balance between performance and control. This makes the car feel very smooth. As each wing in the Spectrum range gets thinner from the middle to the tip in a slightly different way, the angle of attack turns negative towards the end of the tip. This is a proven way to reduce drag and increase speed in aviation. The wings are made of a multi-layer carbon laminate that makes them light and very strong.

The dihedral shape lets you tilt the foil like a skateboard to make turns for a smoother ride. Since you can feel your back wing and use it to turn the foil, gybes, tacks, 360s, and transitions are much more accessible.

The extruded aluminum mast is as light as many carbon designs. It is made from 6063 aircraft aluminum, which makes it more durable. You'll also enjoy its soft trailing edge, which is a nice touch. The extruded aluminum mast has a five-stringer design with thin walls that strengthens the most stressed areas. The mast fits tightly into the fuselage because the fit tolerances are accurate.

Maximized the geometric wing connection surface area to reduce twists and improve stiffness, performance, and water flow.
Optimized wing and mast to keep twisting movement to a minimum.
Wing angles are also finely tuned to match the shape of the fuselage at average cruising speeds.