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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Ezzy Lion Sail 2020

by Ezzy

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How to Go Fast and Piss Off Your Friends

Here’s the scenario: your buddies are sailing race sails with wide-sleeves, cut-in clews, and monofilm panels. You show up with your new Lion. They take one glance at the Lion’s narrow mast sleeve and the non-monofilm panels, and they think they will sail circles around you.

Now here’s the fun part: you line up with them on a reach, let them get a bit ahead, and then you sheet in. As the Lion accelerates, they will wonder what's happening, but it is only after you pass them—and they try to keep up with you but can’t—that they will be truly pissed off.

Back on the beach, your deflated friends will be fuming with questions. How can a twin-cam, narrow-luff-sleeve sail that looks bulletproof go so fast? And why doesn’t the Lion have a cut in clew like every other kind of cambered sail?

First, you will explain that the Lion’s twin cambers rotate effortlessly and can fit any mast built within the past 30 years—for full effect, pause and condescendingly look at your friends as if they are the kind of sailor who might have a mast from the early 90’s—either RDM or SDM. You can also add that the narrow sleeve doesn’t fill up with water which makes uphauling and water-starting a whole lot easier than with a wider sleeve.

Concerning the cut-in clew, or lack of, you can say that David Ezzy says a leech cut-in kills the low-end and stability of a sail. The more the lower leech moves, the more unstable the sail is. He wants an increasing tension from the head to the clew. Cutting the leech disturbs this important tension progression. Next, explain the materials. The Dyneema reinforced X- Ply and the Scrim-X are as light as monofilm, but they are exponentially more durable and have twice the UV longevity.

To get them really jealous, show them the Lion’s calibrated rigging system. And explain all you do is down- haul until the gauge lines up with the mast. 100% accuracy every time you rig without any guesswork. No other cambered sail in the world has anything like it.

Oh, and don’t forget to mention that every Lion is rigged, tuned, and inspected in the Ezzy factory. Piss off your buddies; get the Lion.