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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Ezzy Wave Sail 2022

by Ezzy
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The Ezzy Wave sail is a high-performance, hardcore sail designed for bump-n-jump and wave sailing. Its construction features a two-pass laminated scrim with stronger yarns in the warp, a Technora X-ply window, a lighter clew design, and an adjustable top haul strap (2 lengths included).

Batten number depends on the sail size: 4 battens on 3.0 - 5.5 m2 and 5 battens on 5.8 and 6.3 sizes. The calibrated rigging is set and tuned at the factory to be compatible with Ezzy masts. It also comes with a heavy-duty mast pad with a mesh pocket and batten tensioning tool, a heavy-duty sail bag with a vented end, and an Ezzy sail color-matching key ring.

The Ezzy Wave sail is available in two color options: Orange/Yellow, Blue/Yellow. This highly durable sail has been developed to withstand the rigors of wave sailing and offers outstanding performance while weighing between 2.44-3.65 kg / 5.37 – 8.03 lbs. Whether a beginner or an experienced sailor, the Ezzy Wave sail is sure to become your go-to sail for bump-n-jump and wave sailing!

With Ezzy's hardcore construction, durability, and performance in mind, the Ezzy Wave sail is guaranteed to take your wave sailing experience to the next level. Make sure to outfit yourself with the ultimate in-wave sailing technology and hit the waves with Ezzy's Wave sail.


No Mono-film
Hardcore construction
Technora X-ply window
Lighter clew design
4/5 battens, depending on size
Calibrated Rigging
Adjustable top haul strap (2 lengths)
Heavy Duty mast pad w/mesh pocket & batten tensioning tool
Heavy duty sail bag w/vented end