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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Aluminum Fuselage

by F-One
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The F-One Alu Fuselage is an ultra-stiff, high-performance fuselage for use with FCT wings. This fuselage is made from 100% solid aluminum and offers excellent stability, durability, and a slender hydrodynamic profile. It comes in sizes 70 kite, 74 surf, and 80 wind.
The F-One Alu Fuselage is designed to provide robust and stable support for a range of FCT wings. The rugged construction and reinforced wind foiling section make it ideal for high-speed sports such as kiting and surfing. The 70 Kite version has a specially formulated shape that allows it to connect securely with any FCT power kiting wing. While the 74 Surf version provides excellent stability when used with the Phantom FCT 1480, Gravity FCT 1800, or Gravity FCT 2200 models. Finally, the 80 Wind version is tailored to fit the IC6 V3 950 windsurf foiling wing while delivering increased performance compared to other fuselages on the market.
Thanks to its lightweight yet durable aluminum construction, this fuselage ensures optimal rigidity even during intensive use. Moreover, its slender hydrodynamic design significantly reduces drag, allowing maximum speed when riding waves or taking off from beaches during kitesurfing, winging, or windsurfing sessions. Its robustness protects against wear and tear even when exposed to the marine environment or extreme weather conditions. It is one of the most reliable fuselages available on the market today.
Whether looking for a reliable option to practice kitesurfing or wind foiling, this fuselage will deliver unparalleled performance in all conditions!
Super stiff wing connection
100% solid aluminum construction
Slender hydrodynamic section
Reinforced Windfoiling section
Robust and Durable design
Excellent stability and performance
Variations – 70 Kite, 74 Surf, 80 Wind