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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Mirage Carbon Front Wing

by F-One
SKU FLPX0037800

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The F-One Mirage Carbon Front Wing is designed for excellent carving and versatile performance, elevating your overall kitefoiling experience.

This F-One front wing is constructed using Monobloc technology with pre-preg carbon, resulting in ultra-light yet highly durable foils. This seamless construction gives you better load transmission, reliable stiffness, and intuitive control along the different parts of this carbon front wing. It offers higher takeoff speed and lift potential while giving you responsive maneuvers and intuitive control.

In terms of structure, the front wing connection with the fuselage is highly loaded and stressed since it is one of the most critical areas of assembly. The Monobloc wings are also manufactured and molded with the fuselage in one shot, preventing unintentional movements.

Constructed using pre-preg fabrics, this F-One front wing is directly filled with epoxy resin. This ensures the perfect ratio between carbon and epoxy for optimal stiffness and torsion, letting the foil respond to every input of the rider. The pre-preg construction of the F-One Mirage Carbon Front Wing also gives you the lightest yet best-performing mechanical properties of carbon fiber.

The F-One Mirage Carbon Front Wing uses a Titan connection that allows you to plug both carbon or aluminum masts, while the fuselage is split into two parts for effortless transport, assembly, and disassembly.

Excellent carving
Direct rail-to-rail surf feeling
Wide speed range
Monobloc carbon construction

Surface Area 800 cm2
Aspect Ratio 4.8
Span 62 cm
Weight 2 lb
Product # 77207-0103