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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Pocket Carbon Custom 2024 Kite Foil Board

by F-One
SKU FLKX0071110

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The F-One Pocket Carbon Custom board is a short foil board with low volume for freeride and freestyle foilers. It has been a trendy board for a few years. It was made with performance in mind, so it has a little more volume and is 4 cm thicker. It's short and has a sharp nose, and the tail is a little squared off on this board.

The most significant change is that the product was built to be very light. Considering its size and thickness, it weighs less. The SLIM Tech Carbon Custom process uses a CNC-cut PVC foam core. This is then carefully wrapped in layers of carbon and vacuum-packed to make it lighter and get the most out of the fibers. The boards are also very lightweight and robust because they are laminated by hand.

The F-One Pocket Carbon Custom board is excellent for any freeride session and will give any experienced rider excellent performance and technique. The board is very responsive, easy to control, and will do what you want it to with only the slightest changes. Because it has more volume, it is also more buoyant, making it an excellent board for freshwater sessions.

It dramatically reduces swing weight, which is excellent if you like foiling and jumping freestyle.
The low weight will make your wind range smaller because less weight needs less power to move.
The extra volume will also help you pump onto the foil.