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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Mystic Gem Women Waist Harness 2022

by Mystic
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The Mystic Gem Women Waist Harness is a lightweight, high-quality harness designed explicitly for women windsurfers and kiters. With its soft neoprene edges, battle belt, and flexcovers with integrated safety knife pocket, the Mystic Gem assures long-lasting comfort and durability.

The adaptive leash eye 2.0 provides extra security and easy-access attachment points for attaching bar or handle passes should you want to do so. A hardshell waist harness composed of Roven composite ensures the ultimate fit for any level of windsurfer.

The Mystic Gem is available in sizes XS-L, making it suitable for all body types and sizes. Its compatibility with Mystic Stealth Windsurf bars at 240mm/280mm/320mm means that you can customize your setup according to your needs and preferences. Safety knife and handle pass loop are sold separately.

This harness is a must-have for female windsurfers or kiters requiring reliable safety, comfort, and durability. With its unique features, it's no wonder why the Mystic Gem Women Waist Harness is quickly becoming one of the most popular harnesses among female riders everywhere.

This women's harness is designed with various features focused on comfort and security, making it the perfect choice for female windsurfers and kiters. So if you're looking for a dependable, durable, and comfortable harness that won't let you down, look no further than the Mystic Gem Women Waist Harness!


• Bionic Core Frame & Fix Foam construction
• Soft neoprene edges & Battle belt
• Flexcovers with integrated safety knife pocket
• Adaptive leash eye 2.0 included
• Hardshell waist harness made of Roven composite materials
• Compatible with Mystic Stealth Windsurf bars (240mm/280mm/320mm)
• Sizes XS-L