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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Mystic Stealth Bar Slider Rope

by Mystic
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The Mystic Stealth Bar Slider Rope replaces the Mystic Stealth Surf Spreader Bar's longer Dyneema line with a ring for attaching a leash and a back plate. This is a Dyneema cord that is extra and can be easily attached to your spreader bar and this slider rope is longer so that it can connect in more ways.

The material is the result of 3D modeling on a computer and many hours of testing on the water and Mystic's new injection-molded fiber construction gives it a unique strength for its weight. With the new integrated Fender-Shield and the Stealth Bar's slim, ergonomic design, pressure points are kept to a minimum.

The material has the best fit, support, comfort, and performance of any bar on the market. The Mystic Stealth Bar Slider Rope is for riders who like freeriding and kitesurfing on waves. The long rope gives you more freedom of movement, and the short rope is for freeride or surf riders who prefer a fixed connection. The bar's size and shape have been changed to reduce pressure points, and the lever-lock system makes it easy to close and control torsion.

It's much fun to kitesurf with a rope and with this set, you can find the perfect replacement for the Dyneema rope on the front of your Mystic Stealth bar. The wax makes the Dyneema slider cord last a little longer than a string that isn't waxed. The kit comes with the following: Metal bar Short rope Long rope Block of metal washers Stainless slider ring