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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

North Free Surf Strap Set

by North
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Get ready to take your surf session to the next level with the North Free Surf Strap Set. Crafted from KnitFlex inner material, these surf straps provide superior connection and comfort. With micro strap adjustment capabilities and a lightweight minimalist design, you'll feel unlimited in any condition while shredding it on waves like never before.

The North Free Surf Strap comes with 5x 6.3x25mm screws, 3x single washers, and 1x double washer, as well as a centered strap configuration for even more secure fastening. It also features screw holes reinforced with elasticized strap-end screws to ensure secure fastening during intense rides. Additionally, the strap is designed with a range of foot strap positions so you can choose how tight or loose you want your straps to be.

Enjoy a whole new world of agile movements and board-riding relaxation as you hit the sea! For experienced kitesurfers and beginners alike, the North Free Surf Strap provides unbeatable connection and comfort with your board, no matter which waves you tackle. Its innovative construction allows maximum flexibility while providing a secure grip each time you step onto your board. So be prepared to experience the thrill of open waters with remarkable convenience like never before — the North Free Surf Strap has got you covered!


KnitFlex 4-way stretch inner
Micro strap adjustment capabilities
Lightweight minimalist design
Range of foot strap positions
Freedom within the foot strap
Centered strap configuration
Screw hole reinforcement
Elasticized strap-end screw covers
Compatible with Charge and Cross surfboards+