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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

North Sonar Foil Complete Pkg HA-1450

by North
SKU WIFH00038A55

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The North Sonar Foil Pkg HA-1450 is the perfect foil package for heavier riders or lighter wind days. This efficient and high-performing foil is designed with a high wingspan to chord ratio, similar to a sailplane glider wing. This wing style offers maximum efficiency and lifts while reducing drag. It includes a GeoLock load-bearing connection for quick and easy recovery from surface breaching, an industry-standard 165x90 mm bolt pattern, and CNC-machined anodized aeronautical construction for superior durability. Additionally, its lightweight AF Board Adaptor allows ultimate compatibility with any board. This product comes in three sizes: AF55, AF72, or AF85 Mast, each designed to provide performance and glide on flat or choppy water. With this product, you’ll experience greater lift, speed, glide, pumpability, and improved maneuverability.

All these features make the North Sonar Foil Pkg HA-1450 a top choice for any rider looking for dependable performance in challenging conditions. Whether you’re just starting or ready to take your foiling to the next level, the North Sonar 2021 Foil Pkg HA-1450 is an excellent choice for any rider looking for reliable performance in challenging conditions. It’s the perfect foil package to keep you foiling all season long.


  • High wingspan-to-chord ratio
  • Maximum efficiency and lift
  • GeoLock load-bearing connection
  • Industry-standard 165x90 mm bolt pattern
  • CNC-machined anodized aeronautical construction
  • Available in three sizes: AF55, AF72 or AF85 Mast
  • Rail type ensures a smooth transition when turning
  • Greater lift, speed, glide, pumpability, and maneuverability
  • Compatible with any board using the lightweight AF Foil Board Adaptor