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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Phantasm Alu Wide Mast Adapter

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The Phantasm Aluminum Wide Body Mast to Fuse Adapter is a specialty product for those who want toenjoy the latest Slingshot foiling technology, the Phantasm Lower. This adapter connects Hover Glide Aluminum Mast into your Phantasm fuselage and is essential for surfers looking to maximize their performance on the waves.

Constructed from premium-grade aluminum, this adapter provides an incredibly secure connection between your Hover Glide mast and Phantasm fuselage. Its wide body has been specially designed to reduce drag when you're on the wave, allowing you to take full advantage of all your equipment without worrying about performance loss due to friction. This adapter provides a reliable connection point and is lightweight, so you can use it during long sessions without feeling weighed down.

With its extra-wide body-reducing drag, this adapter ensures you get the maximum performance out of your foil setup every time you're out on the water. You can rest assured knowing your equipment will stay connected securely as you ride wave after wave. Thanks to its premium aluminum construction, this adapter will provide dependable service season after season.

The Phantasm Aluminum Wide Body Mast To Fuse Adapter works with Hover Glide masts and Phantasm fuselages giving riders more options than ever before when it comes to foiling equipment combinations. This ultimate versatility makes it easier to customize your rig while ensuring optimal performance on each wave ride!

High-grade aluminum construction
Extra-wide body reduces drag
Compatible with Phantasm fuselage and Hover Glide masts
Lightweight yet very strong
Ideal for maximum performance on the waves
Secure connection between mast and fuse