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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Slingshot PTM V1 Complete

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The Slingshot Phantasm PTM is a hydrofoil created for speed and stability. It offers performance and quality unlike any other, allowing users to glide through long jibes and tacks easily. With its unique inverted gull wing shape, this hydrofoil provides insane amounts of speed and unparalleled self-leveling control for smooth sailing.

The PTM front wing provides a super-fast ride, while the PS 400 shimless carbon rear stabilizer ensures rock-solid stability and handling. Get ready to unlock your potential with Slingshot's Phantasm PTM hydrofoil - it will revolutionize your riding experience!

The PTM has a PS 400 Shimless carbon rear stabilizer, 710 aluminum fuselage, neoprene wing covers, and a travel case. Its front wing has a high-aspect design, giving it the perfect blend of speed and tracking capability. The Bigfoot connection mast to foil is over 50% larger than competitors' connections, providing extra strength and safety.

The Slingshot Phantasm PTM is designed to give riders maximum performance in the water. It's perfect for those pushing the boundaries of hydrofoiling, allowing them to explore new speed thresholds and feel more confident.

No matter the conditions or skill level, the Slingshot PTM promises an exhilarating ride with unparalleled performance and control.


  • Accelerates and tracks at higher speeds
  • High Aspect design
  • PS 400 Shimless carbon rear stabilizer
  • 710 Aluminum Fuselage
  • Bigfoot Connection Mast to Foil Connection
  • Neoprene Wing covers and Travel Case