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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Slingshot Wizard V3 130L

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Floaty enough to uphaul yet compact enough to fit in the back of a station wagon. The Wizard 130L improves upon the previous 125L model with reduced length and width, but increased thickness. Designed to provide less swing-weight, more controlled jibing, and increased float under your feet, the 130L is the choice for anyone looking to maximize both performance and light wind takeoff. New for V3 is the adjustable foil track mounts on the bottom allowing the foiling aficionado to perfectly place their foils center of lift without sacrificing their favored footstrap stance. Centerline back strap options increase ease of use and open up a whole world of wave and freestyle capability.


  • Compact direct to foil control
  • Built from light and stiff Blax Carbon
  • Boxy volume under your feet 
  • Centerline back footstrap option
  • Forward Wingfoiling footstrap options
  • Quick release adjustable foil track
  • Includes mounting hardware, footstraps (x4)


Dimensions (cm)  188 L x 78 W x 12.7 T
Volume 130 Litres
Weight 18.26 lb / 8.3 kg
Sail Size 5.0-9.0
Product number 121711130