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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Core Spectrum Front Wing

SKU 210000026584

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The Core Spectrum Front Wing offers an optimal lift with reliable balance and control, adding a new level of enjoyment and performance every session. The Core Spectrum Front Wing ensures easier takeoffs, letting you soar the terrains faster, further, and longer.

Each Core Spectrum Front Wing is equipped with a medium aspect ratio, giving you an ideal balance of performance and control for a smooth, fluid experience regardless if you are riding in chop, flat water, or waves. Even in the roughest riding conditions and turbulent sections, the Core Spectrum Front Wing makes your maneuvers intuitive and predictable.

Since each size of wings in the Core Spectrum range gradually narrows in thickness differently from tip to the middle, you get an angle of attack that turns negative towards the wing tip. This is a tried-and-tested aviation technique to minimize drag and enhance agility.

Available in 5 front wing sizes, this Core Front Wing is engineered with a multi-layered carbon laminate. This results in front wings that are featherweight yet with long-lasting durability, perfect for a wide range of riding styles such as freestyle, wave, high speed, mid wave, freeride, small wave, progression, and learning.

Allows faster and easier takeoffs
Medium aspect-ratio versatile for riding in chop, flat water, or waves
Works excellently in all weather conditions
Light frame with heavy-duty durability

950cm2 Freestyle / Wave / High Speed
1250cm2 Freestyle / Mid Wave / Freeride
1550cm2 Small Wave / Freeride
1850cm2 Freeride / Progression
2150cm2 Progression / Learning