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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

CORE Impact 2 Kite

SKU KBKT47317m

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With five lines, a narrow ExoTex airframe, a deep C canopy, more trim options, and additional sizes to fuel its explosive force, the Core Impact 2 kite is a true wake-style beast. With this stunning device, the manufacturer went all out by increasing both the speed and aspect ratios.

The Core Impact 2 still has the traditional C-shape that you need to concentrate on your maneuvers rather than the kite. Expect a constant, uniform draw for extreme pop and entirely predictable slack for all your revolutions and passes.

The product has ExoTex, which significantly boosts tube strength and rigidity while reducing diameters to increase airflow, flying stability, and the rider feel.

The Core Impact 2 has maintained the classic, bombproof, five-strut exoskeleton airframe, which is a critical component in the design to control and stabilize the kite during kite rotations. The product always remains perfectly tensioned regardless of the trim adjuster's precise setting.

The product releases better from the water with its comprehensive tips and small diameter front tube. A couple of tugs on the backline are all you need to get the Core Impact 2 flying so you can spend more time mastering your latest handle passes.


Fully compatible with the Sensor 3 systems and Sensor 2 and 2S bar system, which delivers precise kite control, unmatched safety, and uncluttered simplicity.
The Impact 2 comes with a 5th-line conversion kit for any Sensor 2 or 2S bar.
The Impact 2 offers an additional layer of defense against strategically placed beach dangers thanks to patches on the leading edge segment seams and extremely abrasion-resistant struts.