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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

K-4 3SW 26cm US Box

by Chinook
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The K4 3SW Freewave fin is designed to provide maximum control and power for freestyle-wave windsurfing, from waves to freestyle and bump 'n' jump. This plastic molded fin is lightweight, stiff, durable, and fast, thanks to its Super Stiff composite material. The 3SW's unique design allows it to handle the most challenging conditions easily, making it perfect for onshore slogging or fully powered blasting.

The K4 3SW comes in seven sizes (20cm - 32cm) to fit almost any windsurfing board with a US or Powerbox head. It has been tested extensively in a wide range of conditions and has repeatedly proven to be an incredibly reliable choice in hard-core wave sailing situations. The fin's stiff construction ensures it won't flex under pressure, allowing maximum speed and control through turns.

The K4 3SW Freewave fin provides exceptional performance and reliability in all conditions, making it an ideal choice for any windsurfer looking for maximum control and power in their rides. Its sturdy plastic construction makes it both lightweight and durable while allowing sufficient flex when needed. The seven different size options offer compatibility with a multitude of boards while also enabling riders to find just the right amount of bite they need in their fins.


  • Stiffer construction than other plastic fins – can withstand more challenging conditions without breaking.
  • Seven size options – 20cm - 32 cm US and Powerbox head available for diverse boards.
  • Unique design reduces drag when entering turns – providing a smooth ride as you flow through the water.
  • Suitable for various styles of windsurfing such as waves, freestyle, bump n' jump, or blasting fully powered.
  • Lightweight but strong construction – won't flex under pressure, yet still feels responsive when carving up the waves.