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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

K-4 Scorcher Rear Twinset 22cm

by Chinook
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K4 Scorcher Rear Twinset is a unique fin set that provides the perfect balance between speed and grip. Developed with the help of Adam Lewis, K4's OptoFlex material is used in constructing these fins, making them lightweight yet stiff enough to offer superior performance.

The Scorcher Rear Twinset comes in an array of sizes ranging from 14cm-22cm, giving windsurfers the option of using them as quads, cross-overs, or tri-fin rears. What separates these fins from others is their Super Stiff material, allowing for width thinning and raking back for increased maneuverability.

Performance-wise, the Scorcher Rear Twinset offers excellent grip and release while providing lightning speed at higher angles of attack. The stiffer material also offers greater control with sharper turns, and powerful bottom turns. OptoFlex materials ensure that these fins won't be susceptible to deformation over time due to their superior durability.

When it comes down to choosing a twin fin setup that can do it all, look no further than K4's Scorcher Rear Twinset. Not only can you get incredible speeds, but you can also have the confidence that this setup will remain stable during more aggressive maneuvers without sacrificing control or grip on landings. With such an impressive range of sizes available, you can find a setup that best suits your style and needs.

OptoFlex Material for superior performance
Super Stiff Material allows thinning and raking back for increased maneuverability
Available in US and SLOT heads
Sizes range from 14cm-22cm
Ideal for quads, cross-over tri/quad rears, or tri fin rears