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F-One Strike CWC V3

by F-One
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2023 F-One STRIKE V3 CWC

Discover the F-One STRIKE V3 CWC, the ultimate wing for wing foiling enthusiasts seeking to conquer light wind conditions. Combining F-One's patented Compact Wing Concept (CWC) design with the latest innovative materials, this wing offers unparalleled power, efficiency, and maneuverability, so you can strut your stuff even when the wind is just a whisper.

STRIKE V3 CWC Geometry & Extra Struts for Easy Light Wind Riding

The F-One STRIKE V3 CWC's geometry makes power and handling a breeze, with a light feel and a trim wingspan. Two extra struts support the wing's surface without making the leading edge bulky, so you can start planing and pumping effortlessly. Super agile and a cinch to flip on the water, the CWC V3 rides like you're on a 5m wing while keeping those wingtips safe from the water's surface. In addition, this wing's already impressive high range has been improved, allowing riders to absorb gusts if the wind picks up.

Our Impressions Of The STRIKE V3 CWC

F-One has dominated the light-wind wing foiling scene since the first STRIKE CWC hit the water. Now F-One has taken it up a notch with the STRIKE CWC V3, entering a new realm of light-wind riding. The new design's spot-on load management, materials, and construction amp up both the wind range and the size of riders beyond the previous F-One STRIKE CWC V1.

When it comes to wing sizes, the STRIKE CWC V3 range has extended to include 6m, 7m, 8m, and 9m options that don't skimp on performance or weight. This wing is dialed in for bigger surfaces, and the new 9m size lets larger riders shred on light wind days.

The new construction is jam-packed with upgrades over the original STRIKE CWC. The CWC V3 has a sleeker outline, new HITEX and NANO materials, tighter trailing edge tensions, radial cuts, staggered seams, new handles, and a Load Diffuser. All these improvements make the STRIKE CWC V3 a performance wing perfect for the lightest wind without needing to worry about gusts.

Comparing the F-One STRIKE V3 CWC to Its V1 Predecessor




Sizes (meters)

6m, 7m, 8m, 9m

6m, 7m, 8m

Wind Range (knots)

Extended beyond V1

10 > 22, 08 > 20, 06 > 15


Patented CWC design

Patented CWC design

Extra Struts




HITEX (Airframe), NANO (Canopy)

Standard materials

Material Weights

HITEX 158g, 178g, NANO 55g


Load Management




Rigidified, ergonomic


Canopy Tension




Highly maneuverable


Upwind Performance



Trailing Edge

Improved tensions


Leading Edge Diameter



Tip Profile

More maneuverable


STRIKE V3 CWC Key Features

The STRIKE CWC V3's patented Compact Wing Concept (CWC) design allows a smaller wingspan while still packing a punch and performing in light wind conditions. Its precise load management and cutting-edge materials like HITEX and NANO add to its outstanding performance and durability. The rigid handles and improved trailing edge tensions make the wing easier to control. Hands down, the STRIKE CWC V3 is a game-changer for riders who want to strut their stuff in light wind conditions.

F-One CWC Wing Design For Maximum Power In Light Wind Conditions

The F-One STRIKE V3 CWC boasts an entirely new design that precisely dials in the wings shape to the tensions and new materials. Each panel is meticulously laid to carry specific loads, with the front of the wing combining horizontal panels separated by a vertical seam and the innovative radial center panels accurately following every load trajectory. 

The trailing edge is controlled by a vertical panel, and small radial cuts are implemented on the wingtips and the back of the strut to spread tensions. This precise load management extends the wind range of the STRIKE CWC, offering a greater range of wind strengths where the wing feels smooth while riding.

Staggered seams, the Load Diffuser, and new trailing edge tensions ensure a smooth and efficient profile and excellent stability, allowing riders to maintain balance and comfort. The rigid, ergonomic, and comfortable handles provide better control while allowing wrist flexibility, resulting in a more natural sheeting position.

F-One STRIKE CWC Innovative Use of HITEX and NANO Materials For Enhanced Durability and Performance

Built with the latest technologies and materials, the F-One STRIKE V3 CWC features an airframe made of HITEX 158g and 178g, a high tenacity polyester exclusive to F-ONE that offers superior resistance to elongation, with outstanding durability and performance. The central strut, thinner in diameter, boasts HITEX 158g and an independent valve for better pressure control. Its longitudinal reinforcements help command its shape and resistance.

The leading edge segments strategically use HITEX 178g and 158g materials to handle different tensions, high pressures, and weight distribution. The wingtips' thin leading edge diameter contributes to agility, comfort, glide, and reduced inertia. The CWC V3's canopy is crafted from a high-tech NANO canopy material, a 55g micro ripstop polyester with a NANO coating and Plasma treatment process that offers increased rigidity, resistance to stretching and tears, and overall durability.

STRIKE CWC Handles Have Unparalleled Comfort and Grip

Experience ultimate comfort and control with the F-One STRIKE CWC's innovative handles, specifically designed to maximize rider performance during light wind wing foiling sessions. THE V3 CWC handles are strategically placed along the strut, providing multiple gripping options for optimal sheeting and maneuverability. 

Crafted without hard parts that could damage your wing, ding your board, or cause injury, the F-One CWC Wing handles offer flexibility, ensuring your wrist stays in line with your arm for a more natural and comfortable riding position. 

F-One CWC Wing Sizes

The F-One CWC Wing is available in four sizes, 6m, 7m, 8m and 9m. The new 9m size is perfectly adapted to allow bigger-stature riders make the most out of their light wind sessions.

Wing Size

Rider Description


Suitable for lighter riders or those with more experience in moderately light wind conditions.


Ideal for average-sized riders seeking a balance between power and maneuverability in light wind situations.


Perfect for heavier riders who need extra power and stability in very light wind conditions.

9m - Coming Soon

Designed for riders with a larger stature, seeking maximum power and efficiency on extremely light wind days.

Advantages Of The F-One STRIKE CWC V3

The STRIKE V3’s unique and patented Compact Wing Concept is designed to keep you out on the water even when the wind is light. So while your friends sit on the beach waiting for the wind to pick up, you'll glide effortlessly – even if it gets gusty. Here are some of the improvements the V3 has to offer.

Unparalleled Durability and Performance

The innovative radial center panels are separated from the horizontal panels by a vertical seam, mapped to follow every load trajectory. Vertical panels control the trailing edge, while small radial cuts are implemented on the wingtips and the back of the strut. These carefully designed panels align the fibers along load paths so the stretch is controlled to a level we've never seen before. As a result, this wing will last longer and perform better than previous versions of the STRIKE CWC.  

Increased Light Wind Range

The STRIKE V3 CWC's wind range has been extended so the wing feels perfect in a larger wind range. The high range of the wing has been improved, so you no longer need to worry about your wing if the wind starts to pick up.

Agility and Glide You've Been Craving

The new HITEX 158g and 178g are strategically placed to perfectly distribute different tensions, high pressures, and weight. The leading edge on each side of the strut of the STRIKE CWC is constructed with HITEX 178g. HITEX 158g is used in the remaining segments. The leading edge diameter is kept thin at the wingtips, providing comfort, glide, and agility.

Conquer Light Wind Wing Foiling With F-One STRIKE V3 CWC

Don't let light wind conditions hold you back. Instead, elevate your wing foiling performance with the F-One STRIKE V3 CWC and experience the joy of light-wind riding. With exceptional power, efficiency, and maneuverability, the F-One CWC wing is the ultimate for riders pushing their limits in light wind conditions.

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