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F-One Strike V3 Wing

by F-One
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2023 F-One STRIKE V3 Wing

F-One Strike V3 Overview

Introducing the revolutionary F-One Strike V3 - the next generation of epic wing foiling technology. With cutting-edge design and materials, the Strike V3 offers a ride that is both controlled yet powerful, delivering an exceptional experience on the water. The new V3 technology includes the use of high-tenacity polyester and a thicker trailing edge material, resulting in improved resistance to elongation, tensions, and durability. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the F-One Strike V3 is designed to give you confidence to push the limits of wing foiling. The new and improved F-One Strike v3 will last longer and perform better than its previous two versions. 

Our Impressions Of The Strike V3

F-One has once again raised the bar for wing foiling performance. With substantial improvements over the already impressive Strike V2, the Strike V3 is a force to be reckoned with on the water. The new and improved F-One Strike v3 will last longer without bagging out and perform better in varied wind conditions than the previous two versions of F-One Strikes hands down. 

In terms of construction, the Strike V3 has received a number of upgrades over the Strike V2. F-One is now using a new HITEX and TECHNOFORCE™/D2 material over the traditional high-quality Dacron.  It features a new slightly more compact outline, new dihedral angle, new profile, new sweep angle, and the central strut is thinner. All these improvements combine to give the Strike V3 unprecedented power and feel on the water.

So whether you're a seasoned wing foiler or just starting out, the F-One Strike V3 strikes us as the ultimate in stability, control, and performance on the water.

F-One Strike V3 Features

The F-One Strike V3 wing foil is a step up from the V2 and is loaded with new technology and features! It has Staggered Seams, Load Control Paneling, and a Radial Cut design that makes commanding control easier while in the water. The V3 is made of HITEX 158g and 178g and TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 66g materials, which make the wing stronger and more durable than ever before. Whether you prefer free riding, freestyling, or surfing, the F-One Strike V3 will deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Its lightweight and stable design, combined with a balanced center of traction between your arms, make it the perfect choice for water sports enthusiasts of all levels. 

Features Overview:

  • Staggered Seams
  • Load Control Paneling
  • Radial Cut
  • HITEX 158g and 178g
  • TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 66g
  • Designed for Freeride, Freestyle, and Surf
  • Unprecedented Performance
  • Perfect control of the profile and deformations
  • Legendary lightness and stability in Freefly
  • Balanced center of traction between arms

Strike V3 Wing Design

The new radial cut provided by Sail Engineering allows the fabric to be placed in the correct direction. The fabric as well as its seams work better due to Staggered Seams. Profile control is excellent, especially in the high end, where balance is perfect, and riders are able to ride comfortably on both arms.

Strike V3 Construction Materials

The design has been improved to adapt to the new materials, including a new dihedral angle, an even more compact outline, new sweep angle, and a new profile. To control its shape and resistance in strong winds, the central strut is thinner in diameter as well as reinforced longitudinally. The F-One Strike V3 has a light weight and unique freefly stability so you can go for long surf sessions or downwinds without worrying about your wing and focus solely on your foil and trajectory.

Center Of Traction

The Strike V3 is effortless to plane and pump in your hands. On the water, you’ll appreciate its consistent traction and upwind abilities. All wind ranges are greatly enhanced by its upwind performance. One of the unmatched qualities of the Strike wings is that they pull you forward, not sideways. The traction of the STRIKE V3 has been designed for strong winds: you only need to sheet out to feel the power decrease and the traction go forward. It offers great navigation comfort upwind and allows you to push the limits of the high end with less effort. In the low end, the traction is steady and does not require any adjustments. Just sheet in and the wing works for you.

Handles On The Strike V3

The improved handles on the Strike V3 have been optimized to give you better control of your wing. The new handles are more rigid while maintaining the lightweight construction of previous versions of the Strike, so you won't have any hard parts that could do damage to yourself, your wing, or your board. The rigid handles are ergonomically designed so your wrist stays in line with your arm, allowing you better comfort and control. These improved handles also afforded F-One the ability to redesign the strut so sheeting in feels more natural.

Stability And Control Improvements

Designed for speed, the V3 will give you performance and stability. For freestyle and jumping, the height and lift will surprise you. Gain more lift and loft during jumps and enjoy smoother landings with the increased grunt that will allow you quickly get back on plan again for fresh stylish landings and takeoffs. Start planing earlier, and thus reduce the volume and size of your board.  Sinker low volume board is now possible with the added control in these new Strike V3's

Advantages Of The F-One Strike V3

The new F-One Strike V3 is packed with upgraded materials and adrenaline-pumping performance compared to its predecessor, the V2. Here are a few things you'll immediately notice that the Strike V3 Wing has to offer:

Jaw-dropping performance: With the development of the high tenacity polyester, HITEX 158g and 178g, the V3 is more resistant to elongation, producing even greater durability and performance. The use of HITEX in the inflatable structure, as well as a thicker TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 66g for the trailing edge, means that you have a wing foil that will last longer and perform better than ever before.

Stability You Can Depend On: The new radial cut design and load control paneling work together to provide precise control with a legendary lightness and stability in free fly. This means that you'll have more control over your wing foil when you're in the air, giving you more confidence to push the limits to perform tricks and maneuvers.

Comfort During Your Rides: The V3 features staggered seams and a balanced center of traction between your arms, ensuring that you'll have a comfortable and controlled ride no matter what. With this wing foil, you'll be able to navigate with ease and enjoy a smooth ride in different conditions.

Extend Wind Range Performance: The extended wind range of the V3 guarantees performance and control in all your sessions, so you can enjoy a great ride no matter how strong the wind is. With this wing foil, you'll be able to start planing earlier, and thus reduce the volume and size of your board, making it easier to maneuver in light wind conditions.

Ready for Any Type of Ride: Designed for free ride, freestyle, and surf, the V3 is versatile enough to accommodate all your needs and desires. Whether you're looking to cruise around the water, perform tricks and stunts, or simply enjoy a fun day out on the water, the V3 has got you covered.

F-One Strike V3 Sizes

The ideal minimum area of a wing can be 2.5m and the maximum 5.5m without using F-One's 3-strut CWC patent. The STRIKE V3 will therefore be available from 2.0m to 5.5m, and will offer the same size distribution as the Strike V2 with: 2.0m -2.5 m – 3m – 3.5m – 4m – 4.5m – 5 m – 5.5m

The Strike V3 from F-One continues to build upon the success and reputation of the previous F-One Strike models, delivering even more performance, stability, comfort, and versatility. With features like Staggered Seams, Load Control Paneling, and Radial Cut, the V3 is a model that will command the respect of the wing foilers of all levels. With the F-One V3 Wing being designed for Freeride, Freestyle, and Surf you will be boosting, carving, and ripping with ease. Whether you're a seasoned wing foiler looking for the latest innovations to push your rides or just starting out, the F-One Strike V3 is incredibly accessible for anyone who wants to try wing foiling while also satisfying even the most advanced riders.