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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.



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The Core GTS 6 kite has a C-shaped leading edge arc, boxy wingtips, and a 3-strut airframe that lets you make powerful kite loops and load and slack unhooked freestyle. The product has lighter Dacron struts, minor changes to the leading edge, and shorter-length bridles. However, the GTS still gives freestyle riders the punchy C-kite feel they're used to with extra precise steering.

The Core GTS 6 has its inflation valve, which needs a regular-sized pump hose without an attachment on end to be inserted and turned to lock. The product does a great job of combining C-kite performance with improved handling. This makes it much more than an unhooked freestyle kite with more power.

The product has precise steering that works well in waves, but it works best for people willing to fly a kite more aggressively across the fall line to keep it in place and go down the line. Even though the GTS is more of a freestyle kite than a freeride kite, it has enough power and steering precision to appeal to riders who want a C-kite experience with a softer, more user-friendly curve for all-around fun riding.

The steering arc is tighter on the GTS than the Nexus, giving the rider more power in turns and grunty kite loops.
The low-end grunt and steering are great for big vertical sends with decent hang time.
The GTS shines where its grunty yank and release give you a sudden pull followed by line slack to finish unhooked moves.