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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-ONE Mini Pump

by F-One
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The F-ONE Mini Kite Pump is the perfect portable companion for any kiteboarder looking for an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use pump in a tiny package. This innovative pump provides two inflating speeds – two- or one-way tuning – enabling you to inflate your kite or wing quickly and safely. The protected pressure gauge allows you to accurately control the pressure, while the ergonomic hand grips help keep sand out and make it easier on your hands. The F-ONE Mini Pump kite pump also comes with four adapters that fit different valves, including SUP types, so no matter what you are using, you can trust this mini wing pump to provide a secure fit. Its compact size makes it ideal for traveling, as it folds up nicely and has a moveable handle for easy transportation. This is a great portable wing pump for all your travel needs. At just 44 x 27 x 11 cm unfolded and 2 kg in weight, this pump packs a punch despite its small size. Plus, with a maximum pressure capacity of 2 bar (29 PSI), the F-ONE Mini Pump kite pump will have your kite inflated in no time. Whether you’re storing your kite or taking it out for a ride, the F-ONE Mini Pump wing pump will ensure quick, easy inflation for optimal performance when it matters most. With its top-notch quality components, durable construction, and convenient size, this is the perfect pump for all your kiteboarding and winging needs. Features: Two- or one-way pump tuning Protected pressure gauge Inflate and deflate options Ergonomic hand grips Four adapters to fit different valves Foldable feet and moveable handle Max pressure: 2.0 bar (29 PSI)