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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon 18"

by F-One
SKU 210000026680

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F-One Rocket SUP Downwind Pro Carbon Overview

Embark on an exhilarating journey of downwinders, basking in the liberation that the F-One Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon board brings. Immerse yourself in the euphoria of gliding above the swell for prolonged periods, as this board's streamlined design and cutting-edge carbon construction propel you to elevate your downwind escapades to unparalleled heights.

Experience a whole new level of efficiency and speed, launching onto your foil with breathtaking swiftness. The F-One Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon's remarkable design ensures that you effortlessly transcend the water's surface, embracing the sheer joy of flight.

First Impressions of the Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon Foilboard

Achieve remarkable speeds and an enduring sense of stability during your wing foil downwinding and stand up paddle board exploits. This board's detailed engineering guarantees a harmonious balance between the front and back leg. This ensures you have controlled and fluid movements during your exhilarating rides. Revel in the remarkable sensation of absolute control, even when surging at high velocities.

The Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon introduces you to an unparalleled realm of immense glide and speed, transforming your downwind journeys into extraordinary odysseys. Get ready to redefine your boundaries, unleash your potential, and relish the boundless freedom that the Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon brings to your downwind endeavors.

Features Overview:

  • Lightweight HD Foam Carbon Composite construction
  • Tailored beveled rail design for precise water flow
  • Choose from three foilboard widths (18", 19", 20")
  • Streamlined Design for stand up paddle and wing surf riding
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Swift Take-Offs
  • Exceptional Stability
  • Incredible Glide
  • Balanced Control
  • Twin-Tracks system
  • Surf-Friendly

Incredible Design for an Intuitive Ride

The meticulously crafted F-One Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon foilboard has been engineered to revolutionize your downwind experiences by minimizing drag and ensuring swift, efficient take-offs across diverse conditions. From serene flat waters to the exhilarating expanse of open ocean swells.

This stand up paddle board strikes an impeccable equilibrium between length, width, and volume, making it an accessible choice for a wide spectrum of riders. Its elongated, slender profile delivers exceptional glide and top-tier speed during paddle starts, while its robust boxy rails guarantee unwavering stability.

The Ultimate SUP Foil Board

The F-One Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon foil board redefines paddle efficiency and facilitates swift, gravity-defying take-offs, all while ensuring a secure and balanced ride. Its intelligently distributed volume keeps the rider's paddling stance harmoniously aligned with the flying posture, minimizing adjustments in foot positioning. The precisely calibrated balance between the front and back leg permits precise application of power onto the front leg, culminating in a seamless take-off without any risk of nose-diving.

The streamlined nose is designed to retain optimal volume and buoyancy, make aggressive paddling and take-offs a breeze. This design aids in gathering momentum for effortless starts, especially when encountering bumps. The tail features a refined taper to enhance water flow and reduce drag, a lower tail volume is incorporated to make rocking and pumping easier for swift take-offs.

Improved Take-Off Capabilities

Optimized rails contribute to enhanced comfort during take-offs and mid-air maneuvers. A beveled lower rail aids in controlled touchdowns and minimizes friction when soaring at high speeds. The strategically crafted chines of the bevel streamline water separation, augmenting lift and curbing deceleration during touchdowns. The inclusion of a third chine at the rear amplifies stability and bolsters water separation at the tail.

The innovative flat hull is characterized by a subtle step that channels air to the rear part of the hull, effectively reducing friction and further aiding take-offs.

Once in flight on the foil, the board's design ensures unparalleled stability. The subtly recessed cockpit-style deck significantly lowers the center of gravity, bringing you in close proximity to the hydrofoil resulting in exceptional control during flight.

Carbon Composite Materials

Constructed using a cutting-edge HD Foam Carbon Composite, this board achieves the ideal balance between lightweight agility and robust stiffness. This balance enhances maneuverability and establishes a heightened connection with the hydrofoil. Absolute control prevails throughout the entirety of your downwind journey, even when surging at high velocities.

The F-One Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon caters to riders of varying levels and broadens the accessibility of downwind adventures. Its versatile nature also translates into impressive surf foiling performance, even in smaller waves. Initiate take-offs far from the shore on non-breaking waves and capitalize on the board's agile responsiveness and direct feedback to surf seamlessly until the shore break.

F-One Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon Sizes

The F-One Foil Board Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon is available in three distinct widths - 18” (80.5L – 110L), 19” (86L – 110L), and 20” (98L – 130L), offering an extensive range of 15 size variations. This extensive selection takes into account individual preferences for volume, length, and skill level. Each board is outfitted with a comprehensive pad and the innovative Twin-Tracks system for impeccable foil compatibility. These Twin-Tracks are strategically positioned further forward to align with the board's refined balance, ensuring effortless take-offs, pumping, and flight dynamics.

Experience the perfect fusion of stability, accessibility, glide, and easy take-offs with the F-One Rocket SUP DW Pro Carbon Foil Board, your gateway to a captivating world of downwind exploration.