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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Rocket Wing V3 Wing Foil Board

by F-One
SKU WIWJ001344

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The F-One ROCKET WING boards are the perfect wing foil board choice. Specifically designed to meet the needs of this sport, they are durable, dependable, user-friendly, and extremely stable.

These ROCKET WING are perfect boards to improve with. Using Full Bamboo construction, these were amongst the first on the market to be created specifically for wing foil. Compact and light, they provide stability from side to side, improved responsiveness, an easy and smooth transition into flight, and efficient pumping abilities.

The boards have continuously been enhanced over time. They now feature a more concave deck bringing additional comfort and control. The progressive rocker line is slightly straighter for a better in-flight stability. The sharp beveled rail profile and double concave hull shape will help you be up and flying in no time, and you won’t be unsettled when occasionally hitting the water or during touchdown. The volume distribution has been revised for more floatability, and the outline and shorter length make the board maneuverable and easy to rotate around.


  • Intuitive and performant
  • Optimized volume distribution with a new slight concave deck
  • Beveled rails and double concave for effortless take offs and touchdown recoveries
  • Responsive and maneuverable
  • Full Bamboo Construction
  • Double Bamboo Deck
  • Beveled Rails
  • Twin-Tracks


Technical Specifications

Size Dimensions Volume Weight Inserts
4’4" 4’4" x 21" x 3.2" 40 L 9.7 lb Yes
4'8" 4'8" x 22" x 3.4" 50 L 10.8 lb Yes
5’0" 5’0" x 23″ x 3.7" 60 L 12.1 lb Yes
5’3" 5’3" x 25″ x 4.0" 75 L 13.4 lb Yes
5’5" 5’5" x 27" x 4.3" 88 L 14.5 lb Yes
5'10" 5'10" x 28" x 4.5" 105 L 15.8 lb -
6'0" 6'0" x 30" x 4.7' 120 L 16.3 lb -
6'4" 6'4" x 32" x 4.9" 140 L 17.4 lb -