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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Mystic Block Impact Vest Front Zip Kite

by Mystic
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The Mystic Block Impact Vest makes no compromise between maximum impact protection and warmth insulation. Constructed using impact-absorbent clash foam and JAKO neoprene, this Mystic Impact Vest features a kite-specific harness fit. It uses clash foam on critical areas and maintains ultra-comfort by using a neoprene-only design around the waist area where your harness is applied.

Bringing optimal flexibility, mobility, and watersport comfort, this YKK front-zip Mystic vest offers extra buoyancy and rib protection compared with most impact vests in the market. It uses flexible foam padding around the chest, back, and rib cage, while the block vest is anatomically fit to cling around your torso.

To ensure maximum mobility, the Mystic Block Impact Vest uses a segmented foam core precisely shaped according to how your body moves. Arm holes are deliberately designed to be oversized so you can move your arms freely. When it comes to protection, thicker foam cores are used for added protection and buoyancy. While this Mystic vest is packed with protective foams, the minimalist construction ensures no compromise in mobility and flexibility.

Available in colors Black, Navy, and Grey in sizes XS to XXL, the Mystic Impact Vest has tri-span JAKO neoprene that is durable and provides easy setup with its front-zip design. The Mystic Block Impact Vest is designed to reliably and comfortably protect you against crashes with cross-weaved vest lining for tear-proof durability.

Front-zip CE Approved
JAKO neoprene
Kite-specific harness fit
Flexible Clash foam padding
Segmented foam core
Not a buoyancy aid nor floatation device