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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.
Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Mystic Star Hybrid Harness Kids

by Mystic

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The Mystic Star Hybrid Kids Harness is a perfect choice for young water sports enthusiasts who need a reliable and comfortable harness. This versatile product provides the best of both worlds - the safety and security of a seat harness with the comfort and convenience of a waist harness. The Hybrid Kids Harness features an anatomical backplate, soft neoprene interior, non-slip print, HP system included, covered side parts, Ace Bar, Spreaderbar Protector, and Battle Belt waist closure for superior performance in all conditions.

The Hybrid Kids Harness is available in two colors: navy/lime and black, and comes in sizes from S-L. Every detail has been tailored to maximize safety while providing superior comfort. As your skills progress, the removable seat part allows you to easily change the product from a seat harness to a waist harness. It also includes a handlepass system with an Ace Bar for a more leisurely ride.

The Mystic for Kids Harness combines quality with performance and comfort. Durable materials guarantee superior quality that will last through your adventures on the waves while simultaneously providing unrivaled flexibility and control over your movements. The anatomical backplate ensures maximum support while preventing chafing or discomfort due to pressure points on your body. Plus, the neoprene construction keeps you snugly in place without restricting breathing or movement as you surf or kiteboard.

Your safety is our priority – this harness includes a Spreaderbar Protector to prevent pinching or damage should you fall off your board or kite unexpectedly. Furthermore, its battle belt waist closure ensures maximum stability throughout even the longest rides on the water!


  • Anatomical backplate for superior support
  • Soft neoprene construction for maximum comfort
  • Non-slip print for better grip
  • HP system included
  • Covered side parts
  • Ace Bar handlepass system
  • Spreaderbar protector
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Removable seat part – transform into waist harness as skills improve
  • Available in navy/lime and black colors; sizes S-L