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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

K-4 Shark-2 Twinset 8cm Mini T

by Chinook

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The K4 Shark-2 Twinset is a high-performance fin set that provides speed, precision, grip, and drive for both quad and thruster setups. Made from durable plastic, these fins are super stiff and feature a broader base with increased overall area to suit various surfing conditions. The K4 Shark II fins come in 8, 9, 10, and 12 cm sizes with US, MT, and SLOT/STARBOX head so you can customize your setup to get the most out of every wave.

Boasting a remarkable combination of stiffness, durability, and speed despite their plastic composition, K4s are the perfect choice for those searching for performance-driven fins that don't cost as much as fiberglass or G10 models.

These fins provide enhanced control and excellent water flow characteristics with carefully designed rake angles. They have been optimized to reduce drag, allowing quick maneuverability in small waves and confidently carving powerful turns in larger surf. With their precise construction and robust build quality, the K4 Shark II Fins will provide long-lasting performance while taking your surfing skills even further.

Whether you're a professional or amateur windsurfer, the K4 Shark II Fins will help you reach your full potential in speed and performance. Expertly designed with advanced materials and innovative technology, they offer superior results every time.

High-Performance Fins
Super Stiff Plastic Construction
Wider Base and Increased Overall Area
Various Sizes and Heads Compatible
Enhanced Control and Reduced Drag
Quick Maneuverability and Carving Power
Wider base and increased overall area