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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

PowerPlate Powerbox Head Only

by Chinook
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Experience broader possibilities with the PowerPlate fin-to-foil surfboard adaptor. This patent-pending adaptor is proudly Windance-designed and lets you mount any foil into almost any wind surfboard.

The PowerPlate is constructed to bolt any windsurf board with a Powerbox, Tuttle, or Deep Tuttle style fin box to the widely used 4-hole plate pattern found on most windsurfing foils and kites in the market. It comes with Powerbox, but you can request Tuttle or Deep Tuttle heads instead. You can also separately order Standard Tuttle, Deep Tuttle, or Powerbox head configurations for $99 each.

The PowerPlate is made in the USA. It features two pieces of Portland-milled solid aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and a 3/16" foam padding for your board bottom. This foam padding acts as an efficient load-distribution agent in foilboarding.

To install the PowerPlate, you only need two steps:

Screw in the included bolts to lock the PowerPlate to the four-hole plate on your foil.
Mount the PowerPlate setup to your windsurf board through the fin box using your current fin bolts.

Ideally, you should tighten the fin bolts until the attached foam padding in the PowerPlate has been deflated towards the outer edges. For performance customization, you can do fore and aft fine-tuning using the multiple mounting hole system.

Adjust it forward for a quicker lift or backward to give you a subtler, slower lift.

Easily mount any foil into most wind surfboard
Solid aluminum, stainless steel hardware
3/16" foam padding for load distribution