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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

SlingshotM8x45mm Socket Titanium

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The Slingshot M8 45mm Stainless Bolt Screw is a highly versatile solution for fastening applications. It is a fully threaded fastener replacement bolt for the Hover Glide mast to fuselage connection. This fastener has a stainless finish that ensures corrosion resistance and an attractive, quality appearance. It stops unwanted issues like rusting, making this bolt perfect for long-lasting use.

With high-grade manufacturing, quality material, and zinc plating, this high-tensile steel screw can withstand the water and sand conditions compared to a screw or socket made from standard steel. As it is made of reliable and durable material, you can experience sustainable use and longevity of your mast to fuselage connection.

This M8 45mm stainless bolt screw has a hexagonal head that assures it can be tightened with a #6 Allen head. It presents an easy-to-access fastener head that can be manipulated at multiple angles. Keep your Hover Glide mast securely attached to the fuselage with these stainless-steel bolts.

Buy the Slingshot M8 x 45mm Stainless Steel Bolt for a more secure waterboarding experience.


Polished to a mirror finish
High-heat resistant
Wear and tear-resistant